The Rainbow Eternity Ring

£24.99 GBP £32.99 GBP

The Rainbow Eternity Ring is a playful take on a romantic classic –proving that love and beauty come in all colours.

Multi-coloured gemstones line up on this eternity band, taking rainbows to a new level. It’s slim enough to stack, but bold enough to go it alone. You pick.

Beneath the gemstones, this colourful ring is crafted from sterling silver and dipped in a beautiful layer of 14k gold.

Match your colourful ring with The Colourful Chain Earrings and The Colourful Chain Bracelet.

Materials: Sterling silver, coated in 14k gold
Gemstone: Cubic zirconia in blue, lilac, yellow and orange
Style: Playful

Every piece of Jolivur jewellery is made from sterling silver and coated in a thick, shining layer of 14k gold. Solid gold jewellery is expensive, so we’re doing the next best thing – curating high-quality materials to craft our modern designs, without sacrificing style, durability, quality or timelessness.


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