The Double Chain Huggies

£32.99 GBP

The Double Chain Huggies are two gold huggie earrings, connected by a chain, and oozing urban chic.

Designed to be worn in two piercings on the same ear, these chain huggies are dainty but impactful.

Beneath the pave, they’re crafted from sterling silver and coated in a thick layer of 14k gold.

Made for two piercings
Materials: Sterling silver, coated in 14k gold
Style: Minimalist
Diameter: 10.5mm
Chain Length:40mm

Every piece of Jolivur jewellery is made from sterling silver and coated in a thick, shining layer of 14k gold. Solid gold jewellery is expensive, so we’re doing the next best thing – curating high-quality materials to craft our modern designs, without sacrificing style, durability, quality or timelessness.


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