Jolivur Gift Card

£10.00 GBP

You know they’ll love a piece of Jolivur jewellery, but you just can’t choose?

That’s why we do gift cards – so you can give someone you care about the freedom to choose the jewellery they actually want. Choose your amount above, and check out as usual. We’ll send the gift card to the email address you enter, whether that’s yours or theirs. 

And there are no limits to the pieces they can pick, so whether they’re in need of some new huggies or want to decorate their hands in gold, their wish is our command.

Every piece of Jolivur jewellery is made from sterling silver and coated in a thick, shining layer of 14k gold. Solid gold jewellery is expensive, so we’re doing the next best thing – curating high-quality materials to craft our modern designs, without sacrificing style, durability, quality or timelessness.


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