The Full Story

Jolivur is the coming together of cultures

It all started in 2019, when Marilyne - who is half French-Canadian and half-Vietnamese - landed in London. Leaving her hometown of Montreal behind for a London adventure, she embarked on a journey of endless possibilities.

Known for its cutting-edge fashion and entrepreneurial pedigree, London appealed to Marilyne as somewhere to discover new brands, refresh her style and immerse herself completely in the fashion scene.

The only struggle?

Finding fine jewellery to suit her modern minimalist tastes – jewellery which didn’t come with an extortionate price tag. When her searches turned up no results, Marilyne decided to create the very brand she couldn’t find.

And Jolivur was born

A collection of modern pieces for those who step out into the world powerfully and beautifully.

A world where everyone’s distinct uniqueness is celebrated

The jewellery brand celebrates not just Marilyne’s half-Asian and Canadian roots, but a cultural melting pot – elegantly embracing Montreal’s social conscience and creativity, the minimalism and timelessness of French fashion, and the fluid trends of the London scene. Exceptional humans from every corner of the globe: this is for you.


Absolutely beautiful product and wonderful customer service! Absolutely recommend. Will definitely order again!


These are so stunning- they look exactly like the photos and are really great quality. I wear them all the time and they haven’t tarnished at all.